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Welcome to our website. My name is Michael Goedegebuure and I am the founder of MG Internet Solutions. A small Dutch organization which is focussed on delivering internet solutions which are broadly applicable.

We stand for creating user friendly, modern and intuitive solutions which deliver a added value to your online presence.

We are open, direct and involved with our work. A promise is a promise.

Take a look at our solutions by clicking on the link below or contact us directly.

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Remarkable design, up to standard and with the latest trends.


Your E-commerce shop build on the latest standards with a goal to improve your net margin.

Internet Marketing

Get insights on your online E-commerce activities, # of Visitors and let us advise you on improvements on your online presence.


Unlimited possibilities.

We don’t believe in boundaries. The internet delivers unlimited possibilities. Reach your potential and passion with our solutions.


Our Expertise.

We are an expert on innovative new technologies. We use modern tools to maximize your brand and online presence.


Our Domain.

Knowledge is power. You want to stay ahead of the curve, so do we.

What do we deliver
We enrich your digital world
We deliver solutions to multiple organizations in the Netherlands and have expanded internationally since 2016.
Our Approach

We are a small Dutch organization which stands for a open, direct and determined approach.

Our Mission

We deliver internet solutions that deliver a direct value to your online presence.

Our promise
  • We continue until you are satisfied
  • We always deliver on our promise
  • We deliver our solutions on the latest standards
  • We use the most modern technologies
Our Solutions